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Lets face it, eventually we will be seeing The Joker hit the screens again and probably sooner than we expect. With the upcoming [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) movie that is set to be the start of a string of Justice League movies, eventually Batman is going to have to face his Arch Enemy.

It has already been 6 years since The Dark Knight hit theaters in 2008, and Heath Ledger delivered the performance of his life time. He gave us a different type of Joker. One that was sadistic, darker, and more terrifying than we have seen in the past.

But no matter who comes in to play the role, fans everywhere will be comparing them to Heath. I've heard some rumors that Adrien Brody wants to take on the role that he lost to Heath back in 2008 but he would not be my choice for the role. While I don't think this would be possible I would love to see Tom Hiddleston play the part. If you dont think he can watch this video, especially the last 45 seconds.

Not only did he do a tremendous job as The God of Mischief Loki, he won over the hearts of the fans. Being a fan favorite is very important when playing a beloved comic book character. He was the big bad in The Avengers showing that he can step up to the plate in a huge blockbuster film like that & He stole the show in [Thor: The Dark World](movie:206462)... The Fans want more Loki & with rumors speculating that he will not appear in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) I am kind of disappointed.

He has the acting chops, & he certainly has the looks. In fact it be like playing Loki all over again and all he'd have to do would be to just turn the dark side up and act a little more crazier. You know practically be a loose cannon who wants to see the world burn, not turn heel and help save the day like he did in the Thor sequel and I am more than positive that he is capable of doing that.

Another reason why I believe he would be the Perfect Joker is because he is someone who commits to what they do. He has already played Loki for three films. We want someone who is going to be the Joker, over and over again. Joker is Batman's worst enemy and to see someone come play the role and not sign for another movie would be a complete waste of time. You cant have Batman with out The Joker. No Joker means more dumb movies with Bane & Catwoman. (I'm Just saying)

Yes people would still compare him to Heath Ledgers Joker but they would love to see him in the role. People think no one will ever be able to out do Heath Ledgers Joker and while that may be true Tom Hiddleston can sure as hell raise the bar & maybe even portray a different kind of Joker, one that would still be amazing to watch & one that everyone would Love to Hate.

The only reason I dont see this happening is because Tom loves Marvel & he loves Disney and I am pretty sure he will pop up in [Thor 3](movie:956858) as well as The Avengers 3. But if it were possible to get this man to be our next Mr. J I dont see why not?

Tom Hiddleston as The Joker, Im all in? What about you guys? If not him, then who?


Who Do You Want To Be The Next Joker?


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