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Frozen has been on everyone's mind lately. People are even going as far as to say, "Frozen is the best Disney movie of all time!" HAHA NO! Frozen is nowhere near, but there are only 2 Disney princess movies I like (I'm a guy; princesses don't interest me) and they are Tangled and Sleeping Beauty. Both of them are fairly similar, a princess isolated in a small hidden place in the woods.

But here's why Tangled is better than [Frozen](movie:411685). Tangled isn't in my top 10 animated movies, but I love it as it's catchy, so here it goes.

Tangled has a fun, easy to love, Han Solo type character.

We can all admit that Flynn (Eugene) Rider is a lot more fun, lovable, and just an all around better character than Christof or Hans.

Maximus is lots more fun than Sven

Besides having the same name as The Gladiator himself, he has more personality and no one is pretending to talk like him and sing with him. His relationship with Flynn is entertaining, and they are more fun than Christof and Sven with everything they do.

Tangled has songs that are more fun and don't go overboard with everything

The songs in Frozen are overboard and they happen at the most unnecessary times, it's way too much and it's just hard to watch. Tangled has songs at necessary times and they are fun and entertaining, so worth it.

Pascal has everything Olaf doesn't

Pascal doesn't say stupid things like, "LETS BRING BACK SUMMER!" In fact, he doesn't technically talk at all, which actually probably helps so it doesn't make a character who has potential seem like a total idiot. I hate Olaf so much; he is so annoying, but Pascal is cute and funny.

That is what I have. Anything else you want to add? Comment below.


Which one do you like more?


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