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Well, Dreadfuls, Penny Dreaful just gave us what True Blood never did. An acutal kiss between two of our male leads. So, if you've been waiting seven years to see Bill and Eric kiss, just mosey on over to Penny Dreadful; you will see Dorian Gray and Ethan Chandler kiss. Has a show ever indulged a "shipper" fantasy so early on? I don't think so. This was no dream sequence or any other kind of clever way to whisk the actuality of the kiss away. This was an actual development between two characters.

Reeve Carney as Dorian Gray
Reeve Carney as Dorian Gray

Played by Reeve Carney, Dorian Gray is the penultimate man of swagger. Unnaturally handsome, Mr. Gray is a wealthy man who desires beauty and danger and he is always granted his wishes.

Our token American, Ethan Chandler, is played with wonderful sensitivity and mystery by Josh Hartnett. Mr. Chandler was initially presented to us as an expert marksman, but he is, clearly, so very much more.

Between the tease at the beginning of the episode where we came this close to seeing the portrait of Dorian Gray and then the lovely tease where we very nearly saw Ethan Chandler for the beast that he is, this was a fine, fine episode. All of that anticipation had me on pins and needles and just when I thought I would never be satisfied, they gave me a kiss between Dorian and Ethan. Well played Showtime, well played.


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