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Kody Zedolek

Hey everyone! Im here to complain about an issue that has bounced around in the heads of Marvel Zombies since 2012. With the release of Marvel's the Avengers, superhero fans rejoiced! Finally we get the team up movie we have dreamt about since the Nick Fury scene in Iron Man! The success of the Avengers movie has no doubt jumpstarted the superhero movie craze ever since, with the soon after reboots and reiterations of Fox's take on the X-Men, and Sony's Amazing Spiderman franchise. Hey! wait a minute! aren't they AVENGERS? Thats right, but unfortunately their big screen rights were outsourced to Fox and Sony before the founding of Marvel Studios. With the first Avengers we got to see the classic team of Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and Iron Man.(minus Ant-Man and Wasp)

However, since then the big question is when will we see Spidey and Wolverine in the MCU? Well both of the actors who currently portray the heroes in film have expressed interest in joining team Marvel Studios. Hugh Jackman, as Wolverine said this in a recent Days of Future Past interview...

Hell! good ol Hugh is fighting for spidey in this next interview!

and while I couldn't find an interview with Andrew Garfield (the Amazing Spiderman) personally expressing his interest in joining Earth's Mightiest Heroes, here is a rather dated photo of him with some light reading...

In conclusion! The Fans want it! The Actors Want it! Do you? Lets take it to a vote. Comment your thoughts below on how or why they should be included in the MCU, and of course share with your friends!


Who would you rather see in an Avengers movie?


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