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I think it's fair to say, that not a lot of people are big fans of remaking a classic movie. Today I'm going to be reviewing both the original 1978 Halloween, and Rob Zombie's 2007 Halloween remake, and seeing which one reigns supreme!

I'm going to break the review into sections: Characters, Acting, Special Effects / Costume, Originality and General overview.


OK, I'm just going to outright say that I absolutely HATED Laurie's character in the 2007 remake. She was rude, lary, sarcastic and downright annoying and an insult to Jamie Lee's portrayal. The first scene we see her and... oh... OH, she's fingering a bagel in front of her step mum. Nice! I think it was hard to like Scout Taylor's portrayal of Laurie, as the character seemed to have everything she could ever want, and she was a popular and pretty girl.

Jamie Lee's portrayal on the other hand, was of a polite and rather quiet girl who wouldn't harm a fly. She was the perfect victim. What I prefer about the classic Laurie is that she's smart, she used her head - which seems to be a rarity in these slasher films!

Then there's Sam Loomis. I was actually fine with Malcom McDowell's Loomis, I think he played a very believable psychiatrist and did justice to Donald Pleasence's classic character. Although he turned into an arrogant twit in the second remake, we're only looking at part 1 so this time it doesn't count.

Original: 1 Remake: 0


For a modern day horror flick, I was actually very impressed with the acting in the remake. Well, except for Sheri Moon Zombie of course, but we all know why she got the job. *Sigh. Although to make up for it, Daeg Faerch at only 11 years of age did an incredible portrayal of young Michael, and I was disappointed not to see him in the sequel. (Apparently he had grown too tall to be believably 10)

Although the acting in the original was pretty darn good, I would personally say that I thought the acting in the remake is better suited to modern day audiences. Nowadays, there are aspects of the original movie and the acting within it which are a bit on the cheesy side, so I'm going to give this point to the remake.

Original: 1 Remake: 1

Special Effects / Costume

The original Halloween is known nowadays for its lack of gore and blood, but intense psychological scares that still make audiences jump even now. The remake however, threw in buckets of blood and gore and wasn't quite as frightening as the original. But hey, what more can we expect from a Rob Zombie movie?

Although they did just use as much blood and violence as they could, you know, to ensure we knew it was updated, I think it was used well and looked very realistic. Whilst saying this, I will take into account that the original 1978 film had a very low budget, therefore couldn't add too much in the way of gore and makeup effects.

The Myers costume in both the films looked great, with the original being a mold of William Shatner's face, and in the remake it was just a random Halloween mask. I would say I like them equally, and I think it was good how we were actually shown Michael putting on his mask for the first time in 2007, instead of him just appearing with it on (after we were told he broke into a store in the original). I'm going to give this round to the remake.

Original: 1 Remake: 2


Well, I obviously can't give Halloween 2007 any points for being original, as it's a remake! What I will say is that it was great how they showed a big back story on Michael's character, and why he turned out the way he did. Although saying this, some people really hated it and believe that pure evil does not need a reason to kill, which is fair enough. To be 100% honest I did get a bit bored in the first 30 minutes of the remake, seeing Michael as a kid, and just wanted to get to the action!

The original was, well... original. It started a slasher craze in the late seventies, and was like nothing anyone had ever seen before - so obviously it is going to win this round!

Original: 2 Remake: 2

General Overview

Okay, so we've established that the remake lacked originality (obviously), and that it had a very annoying main character. What it did offer though was a solid story line, good acting and effective....effects.

If there is one major complaint I have about the remake is that they added way too much extra sex and nudity, major swearing, and just a lot of inappropriate scenes that you probably wouldn't want to watch with your parents! I guess the original Halloween is 'family friendly' because it is as light on inappropriate content as a horror movie can get, so it gets a gold star for that.

In the original story line, Michael was hell-bent on killing his sister Laurie, and wouldn't stop until the deed was done. However, in the remake Michael actually carried Laurie across the road to his old house, to show her that he was her brother. It's a different take on the character, but to be honest I wasn't too upset by it.

Although nowadays John Carpenters version of the movie is quite outdated, it's certainly still enjoyable to watch. Whether it actually needed remaking is clearly open to debate, but I honestly think they could have waited a few more years, had the dollar signs not been flashing before their eyes. So I'm going to give 1 point to both the original and the remake, meaning that we have a tie.

Original: 3 Remake: 3

Halloween H20 - 20 Years Later
Halloween H20 - 20 Years Later

Do you agree with me, or are you completely infuriated by this whole article? Tell me (nicely) in the comments below!

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