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  • Continuity of X-Men:First class

X-Men:First Class was a great movie, which kind of lifted X-Men franchise after X3 and Wolverine origins . The charcter developement and friendship between Magneto and Professor X is spot on and caried on where they had left in frist class.

  • Bryan Singer

Bryan Singer comes back to direct the X-Men franchise after walking out of it a decade ago for forgetful Superman:Returns. After giving us good 2 movies X:Men and X2, he gives better movie in the form of DoFP.

  • Quicksilver Cameo

If you have watched DoFP the Quicksilver cameo in the movie is probably the best Comic Book sequence in many years. Wont spoil the fun by talking too much about it just watch this.

  • New Timeline

The DoFP gives the new timeline while erasing all wrong things happened in X3 and Wolverine:Origins, Death of Jean, Cyclops and even presence of lame Deadpool all is undone very well.

  • Apocalypse

The after credit scenes show the next villian is Apocalypse and the movie is also named X-Men:Apocalypse, The comic book fans knows what he is capable of at one point it even states that Apocalypse is immortal. Will magento and Charles team up against him or Magneto is on other side , will have to wait for the movie.


What do you think is the best aspect of DoFP


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