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It’s Monday! YEAH! Don’t hate me. Other than most of you, I have Mondays off…that’s why I’m cheering.

You see, I work in a theatre. Seven times a week (twice on Saturday) and the only day where nothing (or rather, rarely) something’s on, is Monday…gosh, I love Mondays. Oh, I’m repeating myself :)

You ask, why am I telling you that? Well, the answer is simple: Since Mid-March we are showing the very successful musical "Mamma Mia“…(can you hear it already?).

40 years after ABBA’s famous "Waterloo“ -Eurovision Songcontest (gosh, why is that coming up in so many posts right now!?) win, the musical made it to Vienna. And since I hear the music (and don’t get me wrong, everybody loves at least one ABBA song) everyday, I thought why do I have to be stuck with an ear worm (yeah, I am German-speaking…we call having a song or tune stuck in our head, that) alone all the time?...

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