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Ruben Fleischer broke onto the scene five years ago with Zombieland but really hasn't had a hit since. Gangster Squad and 30 Minutes or Less both boasted ridiculous casts but neither made much of a dent when it came to critics or box office. So where to next for the 39 year old Washingtonion? Well Ghostbusters 3 it seems.

The Wrap are reporting that Sony are considering him for the job after Phil Lord and Chris Miller (of Lego movie fame) left the project about a month ago. Tonally speaking, Fleischer's brand seems like a half decent fit here and he did squeeze a cameo for the ages out of Bill Murray so perhaps he could even get the actor back on board too.

On set for Zombieland in 2009
On set for Zombieland in 2009

Fleischer had previously been connected to the recently Edgar Wrightless Antman but had to pass when his first child was born. Whatever the case, grains of salt should be taken, we expect this one to rumble on for quite some time.

The right man for the job? Chime off below.

More on [Ghostbusters 3](movie:32733) as we painstakingly get it.

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