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Colm S. Herron

The new extended trailer for [Dominion](series:1065855) has just dropped. There are a few new clips that weren't in the previous trailer, while some events from the previous trailer have also been given a context.

Check it out below:

The highlights in the trailer for me would have to be:

1: We get to hear Anthony Head (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) speak angrily about the angels in an American accent as, it would seem, he is the villain of the piece.

2: The shot of Tom Wisdom as he jumps/flies over the crowd wielding his two signature blades. (0:16)

3: The angel attack on the armored car does still look to be visually quite stunning. From the trailer and voice over it seems that this is going to be an inciting event for the drama. (0:02)

Perhaps not the most original idea in the world but with good visuals and hopefully some good character narrative, Dominion just might be the one to watch.

Dominion premieres June 19 at 9pm on Syfy

What are your favorite moments of the trailer?


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