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Drew Crevello spent the last 5 years as a senior executive at Twentieth Century Fox where he was credited for breathing fresh life into the X-Men franchise with 2011's First Class. So with Days of Future Past already a smash hit, and Apocalypse looming large on the horizon, one might be forgiven for resting on a few laurels. Bizarrely that won't be the case.

Crevello has decided to jump ship, and do a little siding with the enemy, by leaving 20th Century Fox- Marvel's second in command- and taking a seat over at DC headquarters ( A.K.A. Warner Brothers Studios) as Senior vice president of production. Good for him, but at such a delicate moment for both studios, you have to wonder why?

Lets take a look.

Marvel already ticking over nicely

There is perhaps a slight sense with Marvel that the job is already done. The Disney wing have turned the Avenger's sequel machine into a fine art at this stage and now both Fox and Sony, with X-Men and Spidey respectfully, seem to be finding form again too. So maybe Crevello just felt his skills would be better served elsewhere.

Especially when you consider that...

The Justice League is coming

With the comic book wing of the Mouse House chugging along nicely and Twentieth Century Fox now establishing itself as a Marvel force all its own, it might be a tough one to choose. As things stand it could go either way, but you do get a sense that over the course of the next decade, DC tower at Warner Bros. might just be the place to be.

We expect Age of Ultron will conquer all next year (before J.J. arrives at least) but the Justice League franchise is only really getting started. Jumping on board now could be an incredibly exciting move, especially if his role is what they say it will be. As THR calls it:

Crevello will oversee a range of films each year through every stage of development and production, working closely with directors, writers and producers

Imagine it. A totally unique chance to see Dawn of Justice and The Justice League- and all the standalones that entails- gradually come to life. A full universe built from scratch. Not a bad way to pay the bills...

Warner Bros. had to have their man

These kind of top brass moves don't exactly happen every day and we expect that they don't come too cheap either, so the studio heads at W.B. must have wanted their man, and really, who could blame them.

Greg Silverman is president of creative development and worldwide production at Warners and had this to say about his new colleague:

Drew has a long history of developing and guiding character-driven films of every genre, which makes him a great fit for our team, He's strategic, exceptionally bright and knows first-hand the challenges and rewards of the creative process.

Crevello has a great track record at Fox and the turnaround he pulled for the X-Men franchise from Brett Ratner's Last Stand to its current beloved state might be one of the greatest shifts of its kind. The wounds are still swollen from that ordeal...

You said it buddy...
You said it buddy...

But what do you guys make of all this? Is Crevello a Marvel turncoat or did he just do what any sane person would have? Sound off in the comments below.


Crevello off to Warners?


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