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Hollywood is continuing its quest to reboot every single piece of human culture and has finally arrived at 1993's Cliffhanger - the world's seminal mountain-climbing-mobster-smashing-Sylvester-Stallone-starring-action-adventure.

According to Deadline, Neal Moritz and StudioCanal are now ready to move ahead with the project, which will reportedly be written by Joe Gazzam - a writer with currently no writing credits on IMDB.

The original [Cliffhanger](movie:1460124) saw Stallone play a traumatized mountain climber who's forced back into action - Commando style - after a plane crash leaves the Rocky Mountains covered in bad guys and stolen cash. The original, directed by Renny Harlin was particularly well-known for its incredibly tense opening scene, which featured a high altitude rescue attempt and plummeting teddy bear, as well as containing the most expensive aerial stunt ever filmed - a mid-air plane to plane transfer with no safety equipment.

At the moment, there's no casting or directing information, and no suggestion Stallone could be returning in any capacity. However, it's still early days so all this could change.

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Source: Deadline


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