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Avengers: Age of Ultron may still be almost a year away - but according to Joss Whedon, it's already halfway in the can. Tweeting an update on the production, Whedon also revealed that though the film is, if anything, ahead of schedule, he himself may be taking a greater physical toll:

The implication? With Comic Con coming up fast, it's time to start getting excited about seeing some actual footage. The question is - what are we going to be given a glimpse of?

Here are the five things we'd most most like (and are most likely) to see:

1. Quicksilver showing the X-Men who's boss:

[X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942) may have beaten Marvel Studios in the race to get Quicksilver on screen (and awkwardly for the MCU, it was far more awesome than anyone anticipated) but the summer of 2015 is going to be Aaron Taylor-Johnson's chance to shine in a very different take on the speedster. Playing the character closer to his comic-book origins, The Avengers' Quicksilver will be darker and more aggressive than the one we've seen with the X-Men. To lay down a marker for the MCU's joint-ownership, a good look at the character seems likely - along with his sister, The Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen). Could the early leaked set images of the pair translate into a decently-sized clip already good to go for, say, a Comic Con screening?

2. Some serious (fast food) action:

The film may be halfway finished, but that doesn't mean the effects shots are all the way there yet. Assuming we're unlikely to see the Hulk transformed, or much in the way of a suited up Iron Man, how about a teaser of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner's burgeoning bromance - with added fast food. Shawarma is so 2012, so Kimchi burgers all round?

3. A (not so puny) God and Super Soldier team up:

Thor, though, is comparatively easy to get on screen - even with the hammer. If we're going to see some action from the original A-List Avengers, it seems likely it'll feature the God of Thunder and the (ahem) Captain of America. Would a hint of a Loki cameo be too much of a stretch - or a revisiting of some of Captain America: The Winter Soldier's fallout, with the thunder-god center stage? Cap and Thor could use some screen time together, and it'd be good to see Chris Evans have a chance to be the funny one next to Chris Hemsworth's more serious Thor.

4. Hawkeye kicking some serious (CGI-free) butt:

Hawkeye and Black Widow may not be the most popular Avengers - and they might not be getting a spin off movie any time soon - but they're also natural bruisers - and we know that some of Hawkeye's combat scenes were filmed months ago. Hawkeye single-handedly taking down a butt-load of henchman, maybe? If there's anything substantial on show, though, there's a good chance it'll be heavy on the less flashy supporting cast. In which case, what price a look at the already filmed Peggy Carter cameo, or a hint of the Vision?

5. Ultron. Any kind of Ultron:

Is it too much to ask for to actually see our big bad? Maybe, but that doesn't mean we're going to stop hoping. If we don't get a proper look at his metallic mightiness himself, though, could we at least get a good old fashioned voice-over from a certain James Spader? It's cheap, it's easy, and they could overlay it onto whatever they have edited come July. If it's as awesome as it sounds like it'll be then we could well see some heads exploding come the end of July.

Or, y'know, Joss could solidify his place in Geek Heaven and just give us all five in some sort of [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) video extravaganza. And Loki. Always Loki.


What do you guys think? What will we see from the Avengers: Age of Ultron at Comic Con?



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