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Steven Moffat, showrunner and writer of the phenomenal [Doctor Who](series:200668) since 2005, has come out and stated his hopes that Peter Capaldi's incarnation of the Doctor will break the mold:

We haven't made much of a change to Doctor Who since it came back in 2005. It's been the same show, it's maybe amped some things up and lowered some things but it's basically the same.

The casting of Capaldi marks the oldest Doctor in many years and he is actually tied first with William Hartnell, at age 55, as the oldest Doctor casting ever.

At the Hay Festival, Moffat spoke about how the show was in danger of becoming formulaic and needed some shaking up. He said he felt that they would have 'exposed the formula' had they cast young again. Furthermore he said that the show 'needs to be surprising again'.

I, for one, think that this is a tremendously wise choice. If the creators themselves begin losing interest then I think it would make for a less interesting show. This decision shows that Moffat is as interested in making the show good as the fans are of watching it.

Below there's clip of Capaldi speaking on how he received the news:

What do you think of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor?


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