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It seems like enthusiasm for Ian Somerhalder has a side effect of excessive screeching! The star who has recently ended his stay in Brazil was forced to take to social media to try and placate the screaming hordes who were disturbing the other guests sleep.

The ever caring Somerhalder proved that his do gooding side is not just limited to saving the planet from pollution and fossil fuels, it also extends to noise pollution!

Check out his considerate Tweets below;

Bless him!

If you were a guest in the hotel, if Somerhalder's dazzling good looks weren't enough to put him back into your good books, his kindness certainly would be.

Would you stand outside screaming for Ian Somerhalder at 2.45 in the morning?


Do you blame the Brazilian fans for screaming so much?

(Source: Just Jared)

(Images: Walter Batista)


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