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Willow Creek isn't really what you would come to expect from Bobcat Goldthwait, the comedian who made his name doing acerbic black comedy in a ridiculously high-pitched voice. Still, the latest trailer for the found-footage horror is here to heighten our anticipation before the movie's upcoming release. In true shaky cam style, Willow Creek is a bricolage of film shot by people who struggle to keep a videocamera still...

Take a look at this and see if you think it'll take us beyond the usual hunt for a hair-raising experience:

Willow Creek centers on various characters, who believe that they have seen Bigfoot. Apparently Goldthwait's latest found footage outing is "exploring the idea of bearing witness." As such, Willow Creek is of a more of a satire concerned with making observations on faith and religion than a violent creature feature... Interesting.

Willow Creek has been knocking around the horror circuit for sometime (with a current 94% on RottenTomatoes), but now it's finally getting a theatrical and VOD release on June 6th.


The Willow Creek trailer looks...

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