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Rob Cohen's Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story was a bit of a hit at the beginning of the 90's, now it seems the Hong Kong legend is to get the biopic treatment again.

The tentatively titled Birth of the Dragon is expected to come out sometime next year with Christopher Wilkinson and Stephen Rivele (the biopic writing team behind Nixon and Ali) to pen the script and The Adjustment Bureau's George Nolfi down to direct.

The film will focus on an origin story of sorts, positioning itself a number of years before Lee began making films and finding fame. It will follow him during the mid 1960's when he lived in California.

Lee got in a tussle with the local Chinese community in Oakland for teaching martial arts to Caucasians in the area. Lee refused an ultimatum to quit and instead agreed to a combat match with Wong Jack Man. Win and he would continue to teach in his school, lose and he would be forced to shut it down.

Sounds like an interesting moment to look at; we'll keenly await.

More on [Birth of the Dragon](movie:874010) as we get it.


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