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Kit Simpson Browne

"Would you like to know more?"

Those are words with a whole lot of weight behind them for Starship Troopers fans, so when they're dropped by a production heavyweight on Twitter, people stand up and listen.

The heavyweight in this instance is producer Megan Ellison, currently working on the latest sequel to The Terminator, who took to Twitter in what would seem the most innocuous way possible this past week:

Except, when a fan correctly guessed the reference, her response was...revealing:

It almost suggests - depending on how you generally interpret Twitter - as though she's confirming something. Something...Starship Troopers-y.

Ellison's Annapurna pictures were the ones who acquired the rights to the Terminator franchise a few years back, so their buying up similar sci-fi properties with a view to produce seems highly plausible. The question is though, would Ellison leak that information via Twitter, or save it for a press release?

Either way - it sure does look like that [Starship Troopers](movie:1210495) remake is a step closer to becoming a reality.


What do you guys think? Is Ellison confirming a Starship Troopers remake?



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