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Jerome Maida

Having received a tremendous amount of recognition in recent years for his pioneering anti-aging work and co-founding the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), and the International Sports Hall of Fame (, Dr. Robert Goldman's opinions carry a lot of weight.

So when he says it doesn't surprise him that "The Martial Arts Kid" - which is co-headlined by martial arts/action-movie legends Cynthia Rothrock and Don "The Dragon" Wilson - hit it's $150,000 Kickstarter goal days early, it might be a good idea to listen as he explains why.

"I think the 'Martial Arts Kid' can be one of those hallmark, very special, epic movies with a real that embodies the rich history of teaching the martial arts to the young and passing down these sacred traditions, while at the same time dealing with the critically important current movement of anti-bullying", says Dr. Goldman.

The film is co-produced by James Wilson (Don"s brother) and Cheryl Wheeler-Duncan and will be directed by Michael Baumgarten ("Smitty", who also wrote the script.

Major roles that have been cast include: TJ Storm ("Black Cobra") as the opposing instructor to the "Kid",Matthew Ziff ("Six Gun Savior") as the bully and tormentor of the "Kid" and Kathryn Newton ("Bad Teacher"), who plays Rina, the object of Robbie's affections.

Other roles already confirmed are Natasha Blasick ("Meet The Spartans", Sasha on "Days of our Lives") and Tara Cardinal ("Legend of the Red Reaper"), Inga Van Ardenn ("Crossing Shadows"), comic Graham Elwood ("Cram"), Jeff Behar, Adrienne Camille ("The Devil's Dozen"), Daniel Moncada ("Sabotage"), Sofya Skya ("Assassins Run") and Vicki Vodar ("Cross Threads").

"Reaching and surpassing their very significantly high Kickstarter financial goal..which is 200-1,200% of other such projects on the same site, just further demonstrates the true power and potential of this project" Dr. Goldman concluded.


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