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This past weekend we had two big movies release in the US, we had Maleficent and A Million Ways To Die In The West, could Maleficent cast a spell on the box office and become number 1?,lets find out:

1)Maleficent - $70 Million

2)X-Men Days Of Future Past - $32.6 Million

3) A Million Ways To Die In The West - $17 Million

4)Godzilla - $12.2 Million

5)Blended - $8.4 Million

This weekend surprised me a lot! I did not expect Maleficent to do as well as it did, I was guessing around the $40 Million mark but well done to it. I really expected Million Ways to do a lot better but perhaps the negative reviews are really effecting that one.

X-Men is till holding strong within its second week, I still expected that to be at number 1 but with Edge Of Tomorrow coming out next week, I doubt it will get back up to the number 1 spot.

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What movie did you guys expect to be number 1 this weekend and what film do you think will be number 1 next weekend? Write below and discuss!

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