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With very mixed reviews, the Amazing Spider-Man 2 left fans wondering what's next in the series. Although the clear direction right now in the Sinister Six, a lot of fans are disappointed that chances are, we won't be seeing our Black Suited Spider-Man, and Venom in the next installment of the reboot. To me, the answer is clear. We need to go the Ultimate Spider-Man route. Comic readers can clearly see the inspiration from Ultimate Spider-Man into the new movies. A mix of the original Spider-Man universe and Ultimate Spider-Man, Webb's franchise finds the perfect balance between the two. It's pretty obvious from the easter eggs in [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593) that we'll be seeing the Sinister Six in the next Spidey movie. So how can we put in Venom without making the movie too cluttered?

We don't.

However, we put the symbiote in the movie. The Ultimate universe version. For those of you unfamiliar with USM, the symbiote was an attempt at a cure for cancer. Who designed this? Well, none other than Richard Parker of course, along with Edward Brock Senior. In the first two movies, Richard Parker's past experiments and history has played a big plot point in the films. Although some fans don't like how centric it is on Richard's past, it's obviously the direction Webb wants to go in.

So how are we gonna put the symbiote in? Well, Peter can't beat the Sinister Six for his life. He's fought them twice, and has nearly gotten killed both times. Desperate to find a way to beat them, he digs up more of his father's work. Now, for this to make sense, we should make it so that Richard designed the technology for the Sinister Six. Back to Peter, he finds the symbiote. Along with being a cancer cure, it also enhances one's strength and natural abilities. But in order to access the symbiote in Oscorp, Peter will need his DNA (Parker DNA)...and Richard Parker's partner on the project, Brock DNA. So we introduce Eddie Brock into the universe. Now, we can have Peter know Brock three ways...they can work at the Daily Bugle together, be childhood friends, or Peter can track down Eddie to help him break into Oscorp for the symbiote. Obviously, we're going to need to get Eddie to hate Peter, so if they work at the Bugle, we can go the comic route where Peter exposes Eddie for using fake photos...or another simple option would be for Eddie to get caught while they break into Oscorp, getting him arrested and giving him a reason to hate Peter.

Now, they'll need some help to break into Oscorp. This is where Felicia Jones comes in. Felicia Jones worked at Oscorp for Harry in ASM2, and is reported to become the Black Cat. In the comics of course, The Black Cat is Felicia Hardy, not Jones. So we can fix this by simply having the character get married. Peter recruits Felicia, who works at Oscorp, to help break into the vault where the symbiote is kept. She'll get caught with Eddie, and the corrupt leadership of Oscorp will order a hit on her husband to make her pay. To have everything come together, we'll have to the reveal that Felicia's parents were famous burglars, but she was trying to legitimize herself and get away from the life she was raised in. After the death of her husband, she goes crazy, developing an obsession with Peter/Spider-Man, and taking up her past to become a villain (eventually becoming an Anti-Hero)

So now, Peter has the symbiote. With the new boost in power, he's able to defeat the Sinister Six, even killing one member to show that the symbiote is changing him. He now has to deal with the aftermath of being a murderer, and having more blood on his hands (As he blames Uncle Ben's death on himself, along with Gwen and her father's). He realizes that he wasn't in control, and goes to Doctor Connors (released early from prison) to run some tests on the symbiote. We then discover it's latching onto him like a parasite, and taking over. We end [The Amazing Spider-Man 3](movie:671279) with Spider-Man going to a burglary, and the last moment of the film we see what looks like Black Cat's silhouette.

Fast forward now to [The Amazing Spider-Man 4](movie:1004341). The movie will start with Spider-Man confronting Black Cat, and a fight between the two ensues. Only a scene or two in, Peter gets a call from Connors, telling him the symbiote is weak to sound. We can get the iconic scene of Spider-Man at the top of the church, with the symbiote leaking down onto Eddie Brock, setting up the villain for the rest of the movie.

In my opinion, this is the best way to do the symbiote in the new movies. We can't rush into Venom, and with the focus right now on the Sinister Six, it's a good way to balance and connect the two stories, along with bringing in Felicia as Black Cat, which many agree was one of the main things missing from Rami's trilogy.

This is my first article on here, so comment your opinions and let me know what you think. Any feedback and criticism is welcome!


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