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In this article I'm explaining how I would have put together a Justice League Cinematic Universe. Well let's start with the 1st phase movies/ TV shows.

Batman (1989)

Tim Burton's Batman would have been an awesome start to a Justice League movie because it is one of the most defining Batman movies to ever be created. It had all the comic book elements in it and Micheal Keaton as Batman and Jack Nicholson as Joker, 'nuff said. This would have been the best start to The Justice League.


The Flash (TV Show 1990)

The Flash TV series has had mixed reviews but I thought it was a great TV show. The graphics were done well for a 90's TV show but it had a darkness that went with the Batman movie. I would have introduced Flash into the Batman franchise in an after credit scene in Batman Returns which that takes us to our next installment in my 90's Justice League movie.

Batman Returns (1992)

Batman Returns is my introduction movie for a bigger universe with Flash in an after credit seen and it would have had a sequel called Catwoman with MIchelle Pfeiffer and actually this is not a movie I made up to expand the universe in the 90's Burton was going to do a Catwoman movie with Pfeiffer, of course the attempts for a Burton Catwoman movie failed.

Wonder Woman (1993)

I, of course, made up this movie but I would have hired Tim Burton to direct with Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Dianna/ Wonder Woman with the villain Ares being the main villain. At the end I would have done a credit scene where Dianna goes in her living place and when she enters a room their are three men, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, and Green Lantern. She gets in fighting position but then Martian Manhunter says,"Princess Dianna, we need your help." Then it cuts off.

Well now we have two more characters to introduce before we get to the Justice League movie.

Superman: The Man of Steel (1993)

This movie is my replacement for Superman Lives since that project wouldn't have been in production in 1993 so this is my Nic Cage, Burton directed, Brainiac Attacks movie. Kah-El learns of his Kryptonian heritage and finds a secret chamber called The Fortress of Solitude where his father tells him that he was sent their for a purpose, to save earth from the same fate that Krypton was destroyed by.. war. He becomes the hero, Superman and fights to save humanity from the sinister Brainiac.

Last solo movie for phase one is...

Aquaman (1994)

In Aquaman I would have casted Leonardo Dicaprio as Arthur Curry, who must battle his brother, Orm or better known as the Ocean Master to save humanity from total destruction. In the after credits another world is seen approaching earth.

Justice League (1995)

Justice League would be directed by Tim Burton in a dark fashion as always. It starts off with Darkseid and his minions being sent from his world Apokalypse to earth where they are to destroy the humans.

The already established [Justice League](movie:401267) members (Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter) must try to stop Darkseid and the New Gods but they must join forces with Flash, Aquaman, Superman, and Batman to end the war of the world.

Credits: Batman.........Micheal Keaton

Superman......Nicolas Cage

[Wonder Woman](movie:45787)........Helena Bonham Carter

Martian Manhunter......Carl Lumbly

[Aquaman](movie:264237).........Leonardo Dicaprio

Green Lantern.............Denzel Washington

Green Arrow.................Johnny Depp

[The Flash](series:1068303).................John Wesley Shipp

Darkseid....................Jeremy Irons


Do you agree with my arrangement or casting choices?


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