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Recently director Edgar Wright (The World's End) left the upcoming MARVEL project ANT-MAN due to differences in vision and MARVEL promised that the new director would be announced soon.

On Friday it was announced that the list of directors came down to:

Adam McKay (Anchorman)

Rawson Thurber (We're The Millers)

Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland)

It was then revealed that MARVEL had decided on Adam McKay, however McKay quickly dropped out of the project when final negotiations began. McKay took to his twitter and claimed he dropped out due to commitments to other projects.

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When I first heard that Adam McKay had been announced to direct the film, I had a very mixed opinion on it. Ant-Man looks like it's going to be a comedy at heart and McKay is responsible for my all time favorite comedy with Step Brothers so McKay would have been great for that, obviously he's proven he can direct a good action scene with both the fight scenes in the Anchorman movies and he's worked well with Paul Rudd before so he seemed like a good fit, but the more I thought about it - I just didn't like it, I wanted a director with a bit more style to direct the film so when McKay dropped out, I was okay with it.

I really like Zombieland, I think it's hilarious and the action is really entertaining in that film and he also did Gangster Squad which I thought was below average so I wouldn't exactly pick Ruben Fleischer.

But after Edgar Wright dropping out and then Adam McKay basically saying "No thanks" to the project, I am really concerned for the film. With this list of directors it looks like they are going for a straight up comedy. Marvel films are always funny and I love them for that and perhaps Ant-Man needs to be a funny movie but the comedy always plays second fiddle to the story and with this list of directors it does look like [Ant-Man](movie:9048) is going to be a comedy at its core.

But perhaps one of these directors could shock us and bring us a really dramatic action film with comedic moments. Joe and Anthony Russo come from the comedy show Community but they blew me away with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, so you never really know what a director is going to deliver.

MARVEL has always pleased me with their choice of directors so I trust them but there is just something very concerning about Ant-Man.

But what do you guys think about all this? Write below and share your thoughts!


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