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The Flash is speeding everywhere. Lately, he's been a main character in a movie (JL: The Flashpoint Paradox), it's been said there's going to be a movie, and he's getting his show in Fall of 2014!

JL: The Flashpoint Paradox animated feature
JL: The Flashpoint Paradox animated feature

What?!?! His boys got to see it before us? Lucky! At least new [The Flash](movie:15273) fans were gained!

Optimism above!

Just was wondering: what is this "awwwwesome DC nod"? Maybe it's the Ferris Air sign? Hmmm...or a bigger Green Lantern hint?

Mark Waid's Reaction:

He loved it, as should we! Trust him, he's a very knowledgeable DC fan/creator out their.

Cool twist, she said! Maybe the Flash running around Clyde Mardon's tornado is not the climax after all!

Tuesdays @8pm this Fall!
Tuesdays @8pm this Fall!

So, take all of these Twitter reactions as


for a great new TV series! You know what else? I keep having to say,

the connection between the TV and Cinematic universe has not been confirmed, nor denied


Berlanti's statements do not count.

While you might see it as a fanboy's dream, there are so much more financial benefits, and the creative problems can be overcome. While DC waits for the reaction to Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to make her a solo film, I think DC is also waiting for more reactions of the Flash to decide whether or not they should connect the TV and movie universes.

Remember, in this industry, consumers vote with their wallets and views.

Blue Lantern in Blackest Night: The Flash
Blue Lantern in Blackest Night: The Flash

Would you want to see Barry Allen as a Blue Lantern Flash in a live action adaptation?

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