ByNicolas Carmona, writer at
Nicolas Carmona

This week we have Maleficient taking the first place with $69.4 million and following is X-Men: DOFP with $32.5 million and already set the record for the franchise by today. On third we have the other newcomer A Million Ways to Die in the West with $16.8 million, [Godzilla](movie:45291) came in fourth with $12 million and on fifth we have Blended with $8.1 million. No big surprises, X-Men still very strong.

Next week we have [Edge of Tomorrow](movie:267902) and [The Fault In Our Stars](movie:602185) is getting good reviews but the box office overseas was a complete failure ($20 million) so not expecting it to open big this week. So my prediction is:

1. [Maleficent](movie:39352)
2. Fault of Our Stars
3. Edge of Tomorrow
4. X-Men: DOFP
5. A Million Ways to Die


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