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On Monday I posted my first phase for my 90's Justice League Movie. Someone asked me to do phase 2 so here it is.

*During this whole time The Flash TV Show will be on Season 5- Season 7.

Superman: The Man of Steel 2 (1995)

Superman must go up against Lex Luthor's Metallo robot that has a heart of kryptonite. Superman knocks out Metallo's heart using a lead rock and then tears apart the robot and gives the remains to Luthor and tells him he better watch out because he'll always be watching. The credits scene shows a field in the distance, it starts shaking then a grayish hand breaks through the ground and roars,"Doomsday!!!!"

Batman Forever (1995)

Batman Forever will come out in late '95 with the villains Riddler (Robin Williams) and Two-Face (Billy Dee Williams.) Riddler and Two-Face come up with a scheme to destroy Batman's life by killing his love Julia Madison. In rage he destroys Riddler leaving him as a vegetable in Arkham Asylum. The death of Julia drives Bruce insane and he leaves Dick Grayson and Alfred Pennyworth in Gotham City. The ending credits shows Dick, in the Batcave, walking up to a pod where his suit is kept. He says to himself,"I must forge my own destiny. Now that Bruce is gone I must became something more than Robin, I must take up the role of Nightwing." The pod doors slid open and unveils Nightwings costume.

Green Arrow (1996)

Stephen Lang is Deathstroke and believe me, he is really ticked off at Green Arrow. Oliver must protect everything he has when Deathstroke comes into Starling City for Judgement Day. Oliver teams up with Black Canary to take down his most dangerous foe.

[Wonder Woman](movie:45787) 2 (1996)

Unknown Peter Dinklage is cast as Doctor Psycho and brings terror to all of Wonder Woman's love ones. He telepathically puts Queen Hippolyta in a deep dark sleep and trys to take over the Amazon but Wonder Woman puts an end to the doctor resulting in Queen Hippolyta's death.

[Aquaman](movie:264237) 2 (1996)

Aquaman and Mera have a baby but he is killed by the evil Black Manta. Aquaman is grieving over the death of his baby when a boy named Garth encourages him to become a better hero from this experience. Black Manta is taken down by Aquaman and Aqualad and Atlantis is at peace.

Green Lantern (1996)

Icicle is threatening to ice over the whole world and Green Lantern is put to the test to take him down. He melts Icicle and then freezes him into a cube and stores him in Oa.

Superman: Doomsday Has Come

Superman is finally getting everthing together; his life, his relationship, and his superheroics. But then a monster is released and he is coming after the strongest man ever, Superman. A huge downtown Metropolis fight ends with Superman and Doomsday killing themselves. In the after credit scenes Steel, Superboy, and Cyborg Superman appear and we hear people chanting,"Superman Lives."

[Justice League](movie:401267): Deception (1997)

After appearing and claiming to be the real Superman reborn, Cyborg Superman is accepted by the Justice League. But when Cyborg Superman goes off the radar and a new Superman doning a black suit appears it is a battle between the real Superman and the fake. It turns out that Cyborg Superman is in league with Mongul and after injuring the rest of the Justice League Batman appears and beats Mongul once and for all.

Cast: Batman.......Micheal Keaton

Superman...........Nicolas Cage

Wonder Woman........Helena Bonham Carter

Martian Manhunter........Carl Lumbly

Aquaman.........................Leonardo Dicaprio

Green Lantern.................Denzel Washington

Green Arrow....................Johnny Depp

Flash.................................John Wesley Shipp


Do you like how I put together Phase 2, If so press yes for Phase 3.


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