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Everyone loves our time travelling Timelord. But who doesnt love the companions who he travels with? The Doctor has had many companions, but for this list I will pick only the companions from the modern show. However, Sarah Jane will not be on this list. I'm watching Classic Who but haven't gotten to her yet, and I don't know much about her character. So enjoy this list of the top ten Doctor Who companions.

10. Amy Pond

The Girl Who Waited starts us off. Now I loved seeing her as a child meeting the newly regenerated [Doctor Who](series:200668). That was a very cute moment. Seeing her pack everything, and wait for the Doctor, was cute, but also sad. She is interesting, and she has an awesome daughter, and a VERY loyal husband but...I didn't like her that much. She is ok but sometimes what she does makes her look selfish and like a brat. I understand that's kind of the whole point of her character, as in the Eleventh Hour episode Prisoner ZERO said she never grew up, and you can see that. Sometimes what she does irritates me. She left with the Doctor before her wedding night, and tried to shag him right after. She regularly insults Rory, but gets all upset when he hurts, but insults him again. But I did enjoy scenes of her crying after Rory 'died'. She doesn't know why but you can tell she feels something isn't right and something is missing. Now that was a very beautiful acting job.

9. Rose Tyler

The First companion is number 9. I know a lot of people like Rose, and she is ok just....some of the things she does makes her look....well a word that rhymes with witch. After thinking about all the things she does to the people she knows its kind of messed up. She left Mickey alone, thinking he was dead, in the first episode. Made her mother feel like she wasn't needed, and made her worried for her daughter's life. Also in my opinion she seemed to have no real reason to follow the Doctor. Another thing I didn't like is how the second series seemed to focus on her more then The Doctor. Its Doctor Who not Rose Tyler with the Doctor. Also she acted like The Doctor belonged only to her. An example is how she is rude to Sarah Jane, and when she found out about Martha. Now I'm not trying to hate on Rose, these are things I thought of watching the first two series again. But she isn't all bad. Out of all the companions she is the one that probably killed, and fought the most Daleks. Also she killed the Dalek that is awesome.

8. Martha Jones

Now Martha out of all the companions seemed the most competent. When you needed her to do something, she would do her best to get it done. She stayed with the Doctor when he was human, and when they were being chased by the Family of Blood, and hid from the Master, while acting on the plan to save The Doctor.

Even though she had a shallow reason to go with the Doctor (it seemed like she wanted to shag him and thought he was cute) its still a better reason then no reason at all. Also she joined UNIT, and helped Captain Jack in Torchwood. Now that is awesome

7. Mickey Smith

Now I wasn't fond of Mickey during the first season. He was ok but wasn't a awesome character. Series 2 he became great. He deserves a lot for loving a woman who doesn't share the same feelings but goes through so much for his feelings for her. Also I loved how he stayed behind in the parallel world to basically become the rebel leader to fight the Cybermen. It reminded me a lot of John Connor. He even came back to save several planets from Davros and the Daleks, and he really had no reason but for his love for Rose. Seriously this guy really cares about Rose. And of course I felt sorry for him because in the parallel world he was probably as miserable as Rose. He was their to comfort and love her but she doesn't feel the same. While she possibly does love him, he will never know the love she felt for the Doctor. Hey at least he married Martha.

6. Clara Oswald

Now we have the Impossible Girl. I pick her because she seemed someone who the Doctor can trust deeply. Like River, its hinted she met every (or several) incarnations of The Doctor. She saved him several times, and the Doctor feels like he knows her. And of course he learns the secret of the Impossible Girl. I enjoyed her arc because it showed alternate timelines which are very fun to see in Doctor Who. Also she earns the respect of the TARDIS. No other companion has done that. Also she saved the Doctor and brought us Peter Capaldi.

Overall Clara was a great companion with a interesting timeline.

5. Wilfred Mott

Possibly the most empathetic companion on this list. Wilfred is great because how much of a great character he is. I like that he had such strong emotions during certain events, whether it be the Doctor possibly dying, or Mr Colasanto's family going to labor camp. This man cared about people. And he was extremely supportive toward Donna, and understood more then anyone else. Also he and the Doctor are alike. Both are old men, and both are veterans. I enjoyed the scene at the cafe because how much emotion both actors put into it.

Even though he caused the Ten's regeneration, he was willing to sacrifice his own life to let Ten live on. He lived his life and wanted Ten to live on. Even though we know what happened, I still salute this veteran.

4. River Song

We now her true identity. River Song is a amazing character, with a great backstory. A person made to kill the Doctor, only to fall in love with him. The woman who marries the Doctor. River Song, and the Doctor's timelines are all mixed up. Its hinted River met all incarnations of the Doctor (excluding War) and even though they are different men they are still her Doctor, the man she would do anything for. And again her whole backstory can seem crazy

She is still a amazing character who sacrificed her life not to ensure her future with the eleventh Doctor, but for her Doctor, the man she loves. Its rumored River Song will return to be alongside Peter Capaldi. Here is hoping the happy couple will meet again.

3. Rory Willaims

From dorky nurse, to awesome centurion warrior, Rory is a character who deserves an award for how much he dies (or almost dies) and for how much crap he takes from Amy. While at first he is a major dork, and seems to mostly be used for comic relief. I enjoyed his 'death' in Amy's choice because it showed how worried he was for Amy, and their child. He doesn't care if he is dying, he cares about his wife and baby.

He deserves a lot because his part in the series finale was amazing. I loved the scene where he waits for Amy in the Pandorica. He stands there in full armor, with sword drawn ready for anything. Also the guy stood up to Cybermen who could kill him easily, but wasn't scared.

Also he deserves points for punching the Doctor, and Hitler in the face.

2. Jack Harkness

Who doesn't know this sexy time agent who can't die. Jack Harkness has been a fan favorite ever since the two part episode The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances (which is the best two part episodes in the revival run. Period) He is a omnisexual character that flirts with anyone (or anything) by just saying hello. This character was so popular that he was able to break away from Doctor Who and star in the more adult series Torchwood.

And of course we know the whole theory (well its possibly already confirmed) of how he is the Face of Bo. But besides that, Captain Jack Harkness has amazing chemistry with the Doctor (Nine and Ten) and its a shame he wasn't with the Eleventh, as I'm sure he would be great with Matt Smith. I also heard somewhere that during the Smith run they were going to show how Jack became the Face of Bo. Lets hope the man who flirts with everyone makes a return soon.

1. Donna Noble

I know some fans don't like Donna, but she was my favorite. I loved Donna, she is my favorite. Unlike Rose, who really followed the Doctor for no reason (seriously she left Mickey there, and she thought he was dead through the whole episode) and Martha really left because she wanted to shag the Doctor, but Donna was different. She wasn't beautiful like Martha, or Rose (though I do like how she looks). She didn't come on the journey out of love (though her love for him slowly evolved later on).

She mostly came to start something new, to have a new journey. That's why I like her over Rose and Martha, she wanted to go on a new journey and experience an adventure. She was sassy, and wasn't afraid to sound stupid. She questioned a lot of the Doctor's choices. She also didn't take any crap from the Doctor. Also her departure is sad because she doesn't want to go back to a life she hates. She receives little support from her mother, and the only person who supports her choices is her possibly loony (but awesome) grandfather, which is why I felt so sad when the Doctor erased her memory.

She treated the doctor like a friend and not like a lover or a rebound. She comforted him when needed but didn't drool over him. So here is to Donna, the best companion and the most important woman in the universe.

Who is your favorite companion in the new series? List in the comments, and be respectful of the choices and opinions of others.

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