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We know Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus and co. as the no-nonsense, zombie-killing badasses on The Walking Dead. But many moons ago, before the dead roamed the earth, it is was a very different story.

I recently came across a photo of a fresh-faced Reedus doing a spot of modelling for Prada. It was odd seeing this normally gritty zombie-killer going all 'Blue Steel', and it inspired me to go find out what the rest of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) cast were doing before they were slaying zombies.

Here are the spectacular results:

Norman Reedus: Male Model

Before he dispatched walkers with his trusty crossbow, Reedus struck a pose for Prada. Now he's really in vogue.

Andrew Lincoln's Young Life

We know Lincoln as the leader of The Walking Dead, but in a previous life he played fresh-faced 'Egg' in British drama This Life. Ah, I miss those days gone bye...

Melissa McBride: Walker, Zombie Ranger

Look at the flowers... If you don't Melissa McBride will roundhouse-kick you in the face. She did star opposite Chuck Norris in Walker Texas Ranger after all...

David Morissey's Little John

From Robin Hood's trusty sidekick to one-eyed despot with a penchant for beheadings, it's been an interesting and varied career for David Morissey. Proved he can look really badass with either a beard or an eye patch.

Lauren Cohan Back in the Habit

Lauren Cohen donned a habit opposite Heath Ledger in Casanova, whereas now she's in the habit of killing walkers.

Scott Wilson's Prison Blues

From In the Heat of the Night to the heat of Georgia, Scott Wilson was the wise-old head of

. Until he lost it of course.


Which transformation is the most impressive?


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