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So depressed... Didn't think anything could get me after the Red Wedding... How wrong I was...

As if being subject to abuse at the hands of bonafide son-of-a-b*tch King Joffrey, wanted dead by both his father and his sister, and being betrayed by the prostitute love of his life wasn't enough, last night's episode of Game of Thrones saw Tyrion watch his last beacon of hope - his champion Oberyn - get his eyes gouged out by a murdering rapist built like a brick sh*t-house...

Everything's going well, then!

But, just when it was starting to look a lot like there was ZERO motive to George R. R. Martin's incessant madness, the guys behind the HBO show have come through with some behind-the-scenes videos, detailing Sansa's evolution, Jorah's betrayal, and the Red Viper taking on The Mountain.

Let's hope this offers us some kind of explantion...

Oberyn Martell "never lets fear stop him from doing anything", that much is true.

Insightful vids, sure, but where was the explanation of why Game of Thrones just cruelly set the bar for every future horror movie, ever!? Seriously, that scene was too much for me. I'm almost out.


How did you guys like the Viper vs. Mountain fight? Too much gore?

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