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Matt Carter

The Walking Dead has been dominating network ratings for the past couple of years and now it looks like zompocalypse drama has set its sights on dominating social media.

AMC's hit show ranked second for Twitter ratings during this TV season, averaging 576,000 tweets per episode and reaching an average audience of 5.2 million users.

However, The Walking Dead was beaten to the top spot by AMC's other groundbreaking drama, Breaking Bad. The final season of the award-winning show generated an average 521,000 tweets per episode - which was lower than TWD - but they reached an average of 6 million accounts.

If only Tweets were Twinkies, AMC would be really fat...

Although it would've been cool for The Walking Dead to come out on top, it lost out to a worthy competitor. Breaking Bad was in its last season and through clever marketing and Netflix binge watching had taken over the cultural zeitgeist.

I also like to think we played our part in [The Walking Dead](series:201193)'s impressive Twitter numbers. I know loads of you joined me for the weekly live blogs, where you tweeted the crap outta the show and were generally awesome. That surely made an impression.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is, We Are The Walking Dead.


Breaking Bad or Walking Dead?



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