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On June 11, 1993, Isla Nublar came into our vision as paleontology pro John Hammond flew over his amusement park of cloned dinosaurs in a helicopter. It was a brilliant spectacle of animatronics and pioneering CG technology. Now, over twenty years later, the evolved Jurassic World is getting ready to roar its way into theaters in 2015.

Okay, so we could've guessed that the fight between humans and giant pre-historic creatures would be the high point of Colin Trevorrow's fourth installment of the revived Jurassic Park franchise...

But we've now heard that the movie will feature not only the notorious T-Rex, but a different kind of beast: One that genetically fuses together T-Rex, Velociraptor, snake, and cuttlefish that - of course - gets loose and terrorizes the park...

One that, according so some concept art doing the rounds, looks like THIS:

The "Diabolus Rex" design isn't anything drastic and the standout 'features' of this dino probably have to be seen in motion. That said, there are certain, distinct parts of our D-Rex's appearance that catch the eye...



The Velociraptor in D-Rex is definitely there, with its bowed, predatory head reminding us of one of the scariest kitchen scenes in modern movies, in which Tim and Lex (the less said about Lex saving the day with her UNIX knowledge, the better) almost become plat du jour for those naughty raptors.



D-Rex's similarities with T-Rex are also strikingly obvious. His jaws and teeth are the spit of those that - on crunching Martin Ferrero's character right off the crapper - made 7-year-old me puke with fear...



When I first examined the Diabolus, I got definite Anaconda vibes. The monster's on-screen presence in that movie was kept to a minimum, probably to keep the creature's appearances to fleeting bursts to cover the shortfalls in the effects budget... Let's hope the smooth, scaly skin we see here can offer some ophiophobia to the dino hybrid.



...Nah, I'm stumped...



Are there too many awesome dinosaurs to use without resorting to ridiculous, made-up hybrids?

(Source: Twitter, CinemaBlend)


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