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Tusk look sets to become one of the more bizarre horror movies ever to grace the big screen - and considering the genre, that's saying something.

Directed by Kevin Smith and inspired by the like of The Human Centipede and this strange Walrus-themed apartment listing, Tusk see Justin Long being surgically turned into a walrus by a demented seafarer (Michael Parks).

We've seen a few behind the scene shots and concept art, but now Smith himself has posted a photo of Long half-way through his transformation. Check it out below:

The image was released to celebrate Long's birthday. Smith accompanied it with a message that read:

Happy bloody Birthday to the bravest actor I've ever worked with: Mr. TUSK himself, JUSTIN LONG!

[Tusk](movie:1055467) is currently undergoing post-production and is expected to arrive in theaters later this year.

Has this picture given you confidence Tusk is going to be one messed up picture show?


What do you think of this Tusk image?

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