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Discopath has become a bit of an underground hit having premiered, and sold out, at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal. Later, it was also shown at numerous festivals worldwide including Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival and The Blood in the Snow Film Festival where it received Best Film, Best Actor and Best Screenplay honors.

Coming back after its world tour with a few awards in its pockets, Discopath is available on DVD and VOD right now. Companies Black Fawn Distribution and Juice have very nicely decided to release the first four minutes of the movie online.

Check it out below:

Discopath is the debut film from writer/director Renaud Gauthier and the story follows a young New Yorker, Duane Lewis, who while leading a relatively mundane life, gets exposed to a new genre of music; disco. As a result, he becomes a murderous blood thirsty killer anytime the music is played and ultimately seeks exile in Canada in an effort to try and keep his murderous tendencies at bay.

So what do you think, your bag?



Source: BloodyDisgusting


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