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If you know the Disney cartoon “Sleeping Beauty” (1959), you will recognize maybe three to four scenes from that film in its real-life sister “Maleficent”, but behold, don’t get caught up on the “old” version of the story. It got a rather big update.

The story, told by the elderly Aurora, begins in The Moors where a young Malifecent, though having lost her parents, is a happy young faerie who falls in love with a poor human boy named Stefan. A friendship growing over the years when one day Stefan becomes more and more possessed by the human faults of greed and lust for power. When the reigning King rides to take The Moor, Maleficent, having become the protector of these lands, stands oppose him and hinders him from entering, hurting him so that anger rises within him, making him demand the beast from the Moor. Whoever’d kill her, would become his successor.

Stefan filled with greed and the wish to be the next king to take on the task and with a vicious trick gets Maleficent and his crown. The Darkness was awoken!

I have to say… WOW! That movie is something else. How this film can get only 52% on Rotten Tomatoes is just unbelievable to me. I LOVED IT!

At first it was a little strange seeing Miss Jolie all that dressed up. She kind of was too much Celebrity and not enough Actress to me. But after some Close-ups, watching her Make-up, wig and costume in awe, she grew on me. I have to admit it, I always liked Angelina Jolie, I also think she is pretty and I know there are a lot of people who don’t think that, and that is completely fine. But I couldn’t picture a better actress playing this part. She totally gets that character and is able to portray anger as well as tenderness and brokenness, in such a fascinating way.

I also have to admit I went to see this film because I wanted to see little Vivienne (Angelina and Brad Pitts twin daughter) and the other kids, who were in the movie too. (I honestly only spotted Zahara. Okay, Gossip Off!).

For the style I have to say that Disney again outdid itself. I loved The Moors at the beginning, those fantasy creatures, they just were too adorable. Also, just looking at the costume, like I mentioned above… AMAZING! Six people designed it! I don’t even wanna know how heavy those horns were.

For the camera I have to say at first it was a little weird. There is a battle sequence very soon into the film and those wide shots… they just hurt the eyes. I don’t know if it was the 3D effect or I just had a shitty seat in the theatre, but oh boy… the human to (any) object ratio was just completely off. Nothing seemed to fit in the sense of the right proportions. It was weird. Luckily that got better throughout the movie. But I have to say, besides that, the 3D and the CGI effects were used perfectly. 3D always makes me feel like I am in a magical world and that just completely fits for this.

Another thing I totally need to mention is the music. Hey, I am a HUGE score fan. (Look at my iPhone… only film music on there.) And I LOVE James Newton Howard. He worked on so many great projects like: Blood Diamond, The Dark Knight or the Hunger Games (to name a few). He managed to give the film a very beautiful vibe… and made me tear up in all the right moments.

Oh, the theme song, by the way, is sung by Lana Del Rey “Once Upon A Dream”. Simply fits.

Okay, I am blabbing. :) But it was just a really nice film… maybe not for little girls and boys because it’s very dark and kind of grown up, but it definitely is worth watching.

And yes, I haven’t mentioned much of the storyline… but honestly that would just take too much away :) If you curious enough go see it. It’s worth it!


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