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As most of you know, the man of steel sequel, officially titled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, is coming out on May 6, 2016. There has been a lot of of controversy about this movie, ranging from the acting choices to the name to the over packing of characters in it. Many think this movie will fail and that DC will forever onward be left behind Marvel. However, I believe that this movie will shock people at how good it is and will do very well for many reasons. The reasons that this movie will do well are stated below.

5. DC will put all their efforts into this movie

Everybody knows that Marvel is ahead, and that DC has a lot of catching up to do if it wants to reach the heights that Marvel has. DC knows this most of all and now that Lord of the Rings is done and Warner Brothers needs another multi billion dollar franchise to make them money they are looking towards DC. Because of this coupled with the fact that the success of their cinematic universe is dependent on this movie succeeding, DC will be putting all their money, time, and effort into this one movie, and things like The Dark Knight Trilogy happen when DC puts a lot of effort into a project.

4. Zack Snyder is directing the movie

Many fans have complained about Zack Snyder directing this movie pointing to his failures such as Sucker Punch as to why he should not be in the director's chair. To these people I have one word to say: Watchmen. The graphic novel Watchmen was supposed to be impossible to film well, yet Zack Snyder did an amazing job with it! Not to mention his other movies such as 300 that have been critically acclaimed. I will admit that man of steel wasn't as good as I was hoping it would be, but what everybody has to remember is that man of steel was an origin story and that was part of the reason that it wasn't so good. I know people are going to say that Superman destroying a city wasn't very much like Superman and that killing Zod wasn't like Superman at all, and that's all true. However, Zack Snyder now knows what he needs to fix and will fix it. Plus, I'm sure that there will be consequences to Superman's actions that simply were not shown in man of steel.

3. The movie has been shown to be heavily based on The Dark Knight Returns

With the reveal of the bat-suit and with the way Snyder chose to reveal that Batman was in the sequel to Man of Steel, it is clear that this movie is drawing heavily from The Dark Knight Returns. The Dark Knight Returns is considered one of the greatest comics of all time, so if this movie is based on it this movie is awesome already.

2. This movie has some awesome villains

The only villain confirmed so far for this movie is Lex Luthor and that should be enough to get you excited. Lex Luthor one of the most manipulative, cunning, and intelligent villains in all of comics. These qualities make Lex Luthor one of the best villains in all of comics. Not only will this movie have Lex Luthor, but it will also have another villain. There are many rumours for the second villain in the movie, but I think that the most likely is Metallo. Lex Luthor and Metallo together hold the potential for an amazing movie! My personal favorite rumour though, and many fans favorite rumour, is the Joker rumour. I believe that Joker has to be in this movie in some way for it to really feel like a Batman/Superman movie and I'm sure many people agree with me. Because of the demand for Joker, I feel that DC will include Joker in the film and with the Joker in the film it's bound to be awesome.

1. David S. Goyer co-wrote the script writing

Many people that didn't like Man of Steel might disagree with me here, but David S. Goyer has to be the greatest thing about this project, and I think that there are a lot of great things about it! While I'm sure all of us would prefer Christopher Nolan to have wrote the script, Goyer is the next best thing. Goyer was part of the reason that The Dark Knight Trilogy did so well as he was part of the script writing process for the movies. And for The Dark Knight Rises, he was the main writer, Christopher Nolan did not heavily revise the script. While, in my opinion at least, The Dark Knight Rises was the worst of the trilogy, it was still amazing! With Goyer on the team I think that this movie will be amazing!

So that's my opinion on the movie. I think that because of all these reasons Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will surprise everybody and be amazing! But that's just my opinion. Vote down below about how you think the movie will be and talk about it in the comments below.


Will Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice be good or bad?


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