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So, has everyone recovered from the shocking and brutal events that took place during last Sunday's episode (titled "The Mountain and the Viper") of HBO's hit fantasy series, Game of Thrones? I know I have yet to.

Two of the best moments from the aforementioned episode, in my opinion, were Queen Dany's shocking, yet understandable banishment of Ser Jorah (poor guy could never make it past the Friend Zone), and Sansa's brilliant, Littlefinger-esque testimony.

What's that, guys? You want to watch those moments again because they were just totally cool? Great news: Youtube, through HBO, has released those clips for our collective viewing pleasure.

So, without further ado, here they are:

Sansa's Testimony

I really love how Sansa of House Stark is evolving on an episode-by-episode basis. She managed to do the unthinkable - pull a Littlefinger on Littlefinger. Because of her clever, and evidently moving, testimony, she now has plenty of leverage to utilize in case Lord Baelish becomes too dangerous, which I predict is something that is bound to happen sooner or later.

Obviously, Sansa will need to uphold her newly-acquired leverage over Petyr as long as possible, because we can all presume that he may find a way to gain an advantage, being much more cunning and experienced than Sansa.

Moreover, she has now gained enough freedom to possibly start making her own decisions, rather than allowing other people to command her. She is in a place - the Eyrie - where she does not necessarily have to abide unconditionally by someone else's rules, being a niece of the late Lysa Arryn (former Lady Regent of the Vale), and the eldest daughter of the late Catelyn Stark. I do not think that many people living in the Eyrie know Sansa all that well, so therefore they may not know her true intentions. Consequently, she now has the opportunity to do things in the manner she wants them done, without having to worry too much about people investigating her, except Petyr, of course.

Let's just hope for the time being that he never kisses her again.

Jorah Confesses to Dany

Queen Dany's fateful decision to banish Ser Jorah is completely understandable, but she is playing right into the hands of The Lord of Casterly Rock himself, Tywin Lannister. Could this be the start of a series of unfortunate events (no pun intended) for the "Breaker of Chains?"

Normally, when a person loses a companion that has been with said person through hell and back (figuratively speaking, of course), it can be really difficult to continue any quest with that companion's knowledge and expertise no longer available. Subsequently, a person can lose faith and trust in not only other people around him/her, but also in any hope of accomplishing an important mission. If that person is in an authoritative position like Dany of House Targaryen is, that feeling of hopelessness and dread can spread rather quickly to the followers, which obviously makes it very tough to get anything done thereafter.

Sure, the "Mother of Dragons" still has good, loyal people by her side - Ser Barristan Selmy (considered by many to be the greatest living knight in their world), Grey Worm (respected warrior and commander of the Unsullied), Missandei (who perhaps understands better than most all the torments Dany has endured), among others. But, all of them pale in comparison to how much Jorah meant to Dany, and how much Dany meant to Jorah; he was evidently hoping that their relationship would take the next step, so to speak.

Now that Jorah has been forbidden from ever being by her side again, I wonder if that decision will come back to haunt Her Grace later. Dany has the manpower to defend herself, but will the ability for her to implement the right strategies diminish with Jorah gone? More importantly, will any of her followers be as willing to step into the line of fire, so to speak, to protect her at all costs? We will have to wait and see, but I cannot help shake the feeling that the Queen of Meereen might be heading into an avalanche of trouble, as she continues to vie for the Iron Throne.

The upcoming episode is titled "The Watchers on the Wall," and it will debut this Sunday, June 8th. Make sure you do anything but miss it!


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