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Contracted, released in 2013, stars relatively unknown (to me, anyway) actress Najarra Townsend. I was bored at home one day and decided, "Hell, I'll watch this one," because Netflix has a majestic way of summarizing movie plots </sarcasm>:

After a one-night-stand, a young woman becomes alarmingly ill -- but what she thinks is a sexually transmitted disease turns out to be far worse.


Let me start off by saying this is the most cringe-worthy film I've seen in a long time. And maybe it's because I'm a woman. All I know is, if they showed this movie in sex ed instead of the birthing video, girls would demand their man use a condom. DEMAND.

SPOILER ALERT! I will be going through the entire film except the end, so if you'd rather watch it, STOP NOW.

First, Townsend's character (Samantha) gets drugged and raped at a party. It's implicated in the beginning of the film that this person (known only as BJ) likes to...dabble in necrophilia. The film goes through each day while Samantha gets sicker and sicker.

Day one begins with Sam thinking she's started menstruating. Only...there's a lot of blood. Like...tons. Ladies, think of your worst one and multiply it by thirteen. Even with the immense cramping and odd little rash on her belly, Sam decides to go to work. Where she literally turns a toilet red. I wish I could have found a picture, because as a woman...well, you get it. Unfortunately I couldn't find a screen shot. So, use your imagination.

Unfortunately, Sam experiences cramping so terrible, she leaves work and heads to a doctor. My God! I couldn't believe it! A character in a horror movie actually visits a doctor when they're sick! Of course, the doctor has no clue what's wrong with her, and she refuses to tell anyone she was raped. So, Doc takes some tests and sends her on her not-so-merry way.

Of course, Sam's still in hot water. Day two begins with vomiting blood and her mother accusing her of being on drugs. Oh, and let's please not forget the few scenes where Sam's feet are shown walking away, but not before a maggot falls onto the ground from you-know-where. But when her eye turns red, she seriously starts freaking out.

The night of day two, Sam pulls a tooth straight out of her head. If you know anything about me, it's that I cannot watch someone pull out their teeth or tear off their fingernails. I can watch a dude get blown in half by a cannon ball, but if his finger gets shot off, I'm hiding!

At any rate, day three finds Sam getting ready to go to the doctor again (about time). But as she turns on the shower, she yells at her mom for using all the hot water. Of course in the midst of her frustration, the scalding water is burning her arm. Her mom freaks again, but Sam brushes her off. While showering, she begins losing large clumps of hair.

While on her way to the doctor, Sam gets a call from work demanding that she come in. She tries to fight it, but her boss insists. So, with dark glasses on, she complies. Of course, the boss has her chopping lettuce and serving food even though...well...

Ladies and gentleman, my FAVORITE part!
Ladies and gentleman, my FAVORITE part!

Inevitably, she's sent home. She drives straight to the doctor, who looks at her utterly confused, says she has a virus, but can't do a thing until the tests come back. She leaves in a hurry, obviously freaking out.

Now, I'm getting close to the end, so I won't spoil any more for you. There's somewhat of a love plot (I suppose I can call it a relationship spin) which adds to the tension of the characters. Essentially, I highly recommend this film.

However, I have a problem with the end. Let's just say I was hoping for something...different. The movie spent a good deal of time being more of a drama than a horror, but quickly changes direction at the end.

If you've seen it, what are your thoughts?


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