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Werewolves, or lycans, have always been one of the favorite monsters in the bestiary of horror movies. The genre jump started back in the 40′s, after the release of The Wolf Man by Universal Studios. Werewolves have remained quite famous since, with a rising popularity peak in the early 80′s with the release of many of the werewolf classics. The half-man, half-wolf monster is still very present in modern horror, and many movies make the best of CGI effects to create beasts that are more and more impressive.

So here are my favorite 10 Werewolf movies, from best to worst. Enjoy!

10 - Skinwalkers (2006)

Many horror fans tend to disregard this movie, something that I will never understand. I found it filled with good ideas. It is mostly an action movie, but the little science fiction touch makes it interesting, like a lower-budget version of the Underworld movies.

9 - Silver Bullet (1985)

Inspired by Steven King short novel Cycle of the Werewolf, this one is your usual 80’s cheesy story, but with a colorful set of characters and a good level of entertainment and a couple of epic scenes.

8 - Wolf (1994)

Jack Nicholson, Michelle Pfeiffer and a budget of 70 Million…this one is the Hollywood addition to this list. A rather classic werewolf movie, quite predictable, but good entertainment.

7 -The Wolf Man (1941)

The colorful personality of John Talbot, the wolf-man, remarkably well played by the legendary Lon Chaney, is one of the many reasons to watch or re-watch this great classic. The one movie that kick started the all werewolf sub-genre.

6 - Underworld (2003)

The story of an everlasting battle between vampires and werewolves. Huge budget, impressive CGI effects, great actors...Underworld is the monster/action movie of excellence. Surprisingly, the scenario is also very good! Go Kate, kill them all!

5 - Wolfen (1981)

Not really a proper “werewolf” films as the other in this list, it is more of a “wolf” horror instead. Awesome acting, great screenplay, genuinely creepy…this film is solid on every level. A horror classic often overlooked by horror fans.

4 - The Howling (1981)

A movie similar to An American Werewolf in London in many aspects, this one is often a little forgotten…but that is really unfair. Joe Dante’s werewolf movie is a masterpiece, one that starts slowly, but that delivers an explosive ending…maybe the very best ending of all the movies listed here.

3 - Ginger Snaps (2000)

One of my personal favorite horror movies, Ginger Snaps is not impressive because of its special effects or action scenes, but because of the psychological dimension of it. The film uses the werewolf transformation as a metaphor for puberty and the entry to the adult age…and does so with intellect. The characters are bitchy, wonderfully played, and make this film a solid candidate for the title of best werewolf film ever.

2 - Dog Soldiers (2002)

Action horror at it's ultimate level. Dog Soldiers, by genius director Neil Marshall, is a very intense movie. It is also packed with a good amount of gore and some good looking-creatures. The team of mercenaries who serve as main characters are also really bad-ass. All these elements make an explosive combination and propel Dog Soldiers to the second place on this list.

1 - An American Werewolf In London (1981)

No surprise here with the number one werewolf movie of all time. John Landis’s movie is perfect mix between drama, horror and comedy. Very funny all along, yet the film hides some truly dramatic moments. The special effects are stunning for the time, practical effects at the highest possible level. A masterpiece that also contains what is for me the best werewolf transformation ever made (see it here in our Cult Scene series)

Almost made it to the list: The Monster Squad (1987), The Wolfman (2010), Bad Moon (1996), The Company of Wolves (1984)

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