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Now that all the internet wars over race switching age old comic characters has cooled off a bit, it's now time to get to the nitty gritty of actually putting the boot in reboot. The make it or break it of the movie, of course, will be the actual writing; the stories the thing. I mean, there's no arguing that Trank has pulled together some of the hottest young talent in Hollywood to pull this off. You also can't argue that they are perfectly capable of bringing these characters to life.

Michael B. Jordan, the man picked by director Trank to play Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch spoke to IGN recently. He talked about a great many things. In fact, if you want to read the whole interview check it out on HERE.

There wasn't much substance to it, but Jordan did say something interesting about the feel or the TONE of the Fantastic Four remake:

IGN: What do you think the tone of Josh’s version will be like?
Jordan: Tonally, I can say it’s going to be something grounded. It’ll be about the characters. We’re getting down to the nuts and bolts of acting, with this larger-than-life ‘bigger world’ idea. So it’s going to be pretty cool.

'Grounded' because most fans feel that the original two movies were too campy and filled with forced humor. I liked them for their time, but it IS time to move on. A more 'Grounded' or real take on the characters would be a positive and would definitely take the fan-boys minds off all the strange changes to the cosmetics of the story-line. Now, don't read me wrong. I'm one of those that is totally worried about what this is going to end up like. But, after seeing [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942), I feel a bit more at ease. Just because DoFP came out as well as it did doesn't mean the FF will follow suit. But I have a bit more confidence in Fox now.

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He also said, "It's all about the characters."

I think it's time we delved deeper into the four and those around them. Making them real people is always up front when bringing something like comic books to the big screen. Making it real or, at least, seem real is job one. But, more important than that is the need to make the characters relatable. This is what sets Marvel heroes and even villains apart from all other comic properties: the fact that we can find a way to relate to the character. Spider-Man is a prime example. That is why Peter Parker will always be the cinematic darling he is; the fact that we all feel a little like Pete.

If Trank and the young actors brought in to play the Fantastic Four show them as real people and help us understand and CARE for them more than before, then, they will have succeeded in rebooting the franchise.

I have also said before that [The Fantastic Four](movie:34667) is about FAMILY. And, that is yet another task this young cast will have to take on and succeed in; making the characters successfully relate with each other. There's Johnny and Sue Storm's relationship as brother and sister. Will we learn more about their parents, especially their father? If they hold close to the Ultimate version we will. The main drive in the group (as to relationships) is the sexual tension/love interest between Reed Richards and Sue Storm. Their love is the epitome of the perfect married couple in the fact that it's imperfect. How Trank brings the old nuclear family idea into the 21st century will be crucial to the stories success. There is also the long standing friendship between Reed and Ben Grimm that is stronger than most brothers. They've known each other since, at least, college, where a lot of life long relations are solidified. And, speaking of brothers, there's the sometimes antagonistic relationship between Ben and Johnny. Their interaction brought most of the humor to the original stories. How they react to each other in the reboot will say a lot about where Fox is going with the story.

Maybe a decent Galactus?
Maybe a decent Galactus?

The comment that Jordan made that intrigued me the most was the whole 'bigger world' idea. The Fantastic Four is all about the...well...FANTASTIC. I assume that by 'bigger world' that Jordan is alluding to the width and breadth of the FF's world set. They have never been chained to the mundane. They have never been a run-of-the-mill superhero/supervillain pow bang type of story. They are all about exploring the outer edges of Marvel's universe. Anything goes in a story that can end up deep under the surface of the sea or deep underground beneath our feet. They have spanned the stars and found doorways to worlds beyond our own space (like the Negative or N-Zone). They have walked the ruins of our distant past and traveled in time to our farthest flung future. The point is: THE SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT - THERE ARE NO LIMITS.

They have a big job ahead of them
They have a big job ahead of them

So, although Michael B. Jordan didn't have much of substance to say in the interview, that one comment speaks volumes. Or am I just reaching and reading things into this? Jusst seeing what I want to see?

Check out the interview and let me know!


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