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After months (years?) of talk, one of Marvel fans' most beloved characters is finally hitting the big screen. No, really for real this time.

As we know, Marvel's [Doctor Strange](movie:559685) is finally en route to our theaters and it looks like Sinister director Scott Derrickson is to be the movie's Chief of Surgery!

Okay, so no campy medical jokes? Well, fine then... Spoil all of my fun while I do nothing but drop some good news on you guys, why don't ya'.

Scott Derrickson, who has directed some of the creepiest, crawliest, demon-iest supernatural horror flicks is at the helm of the upcoming project, confirmed by his own personal Twitter account:

With his background in scaring the crud out of everyone in the theater seats, I am wondering how dark Doctor Strange will be, and I am excited by the prospects of a horror flick guy handling a comic book movie again! It might make for a darker, dramatic comicesque style we're not quite used to seeing from Marvel.

Doctor Strange was always a bit heavier in context with his sorcery and mystic play which gives Derrickson a grittier, more murky tale to explore and play with - there's just something so fun about a dark sorcerer being controlled by a darker sorcerer with a camera - so, I think this one will be an edgier side of Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange, and Marvel all together.

I like the fresh step (it looks like, at least) they are taking with a comic book movie! But, what're you super-fans thinking about this choice? How do you think the movie will turn out with a fright-fest aficionado behind the camera?


Marvel has a knack of picking directors that please, so how does this one do?


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