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Now, I know what you're thinking...forget the Millennium Falcon?? Well, don't get your slave panties in a bunch. However , it needs to be said, not everyone who watched the original Star Wars movies were into the Falcon as much as they were the old T-65 X-Wings. After all, it wasn't the Falcon that made the run on the Death Star's exhaust port. It only ran cover fire.

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Today, pictures leaked that show the under construction life size Falcon, and what appears to be a revamped X-Wing...possibly a Stealth X (That remains to be seen as yet.)

Notice if you will, the differences in the old X-Wing, and the new one for [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158) (They must not update as much in space as we do here on little old earth.). From the housing of the engines, that seem to make one big engine housing, that splits in half to form 2 engines, 4 if you count both sides. The jet ports from the rear seem to be shorter as well.

The differences don't end there; you'll also notice the nose is considerably shorter, and the nose cone seems to be smaller as well. One could guess that its more modern. I'm sure well get more views of these vehicles as time goes by and we get closer to Dec. 2015. In the meantime, well sit patiently (well, maybe not so patiently.) by and wait for the info and set pics to trickle in until the next big info drop occurs, likely at Comic-Con later this year....Maybe a title? Personally, I'll keep trolling the to see if I can keep abreast of all the little tidbits that pass through least until i can go to a galaxy far far away!!!!

May the Force be with you!!!

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