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From Blanc/Biehn productions (run by husband and wife team Jennifer Blanc-Biehn and Michael Biehn), comes Fetish Factory, an apocalypse tale set in a burlesque club! Starring Blanc-Biehn, Tristan Risk, and Chase Williamson, among a host of other indie mainstays, the trailer gives off the vibe of the grindhouse films of yore. (And by yore, I mean the 70s when horror movies were grainy and awesome).

Watch the trailer and check out the synopsis below! Personally, I can't wait for this one. Tristan Risk was amazing in American Mary and I'm always interested to see what Jennifer Blanc-Biehn is up to. Will you be seeing Fetish Factory when it's released?

Burlesque beauty & total sweetheart Tristan Risk!
Burlesque beauty & total sweetheart Tristan Risk!

Synopsis: Imagine a wickedly saucy by invitation-only stage show and posh private peeps in which your every fantasy can come true, fulfilled by the likes of luscious ladies imitating the sex goddesses of yore: Bettie Page, Jayne Mansfield, and Suzie Wong. Along with classic burlesque strip-teases and curio acts – a ventriloquist, a magician, and a whip-dancer – you are in for the night of your life at the Fetish Factory. That is, until your life is at stake when the apocalypse strikes! Once mild-mannered men become bloodthirsty zombies, and it’s up to the girls to defend themselves by any means – even if that means turning their bullet bras, garter belts, and spike-heels into deadly weapons.

(Courtesy of Shock Till You Drop)

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