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Hello fellow Dreadfuls, I am sure that you are just dying of anticipation for what will come in the newest episode. Only four episodes in and there are already so many questions to be answered and so many interesting developments. So, while I don't have my hands on the newest episode, we do have these fantastic photos from the upcoming fifth episode, "Closer Than Sisters". Based on Showtime's teaser and these photos, it looks as if we will be getting some more background on Vanessa Ives and, perhaps, learn of the events that lead to the disappearance of Mina Harker.

Thus far, Eva Green has turned in a stellar performance ( seance scene anyone?) and I cannot wait to see even more from her and her mysterious character. The real question is, how much will we learn about Mina, her disappearance and how Ms. Ives ties into all of this? Mina is, after all, the reason all of us have been exploring the demimonde with this color cast of characters.

What are your thoughts on Vanessa Ives and Mina Harker?

(Source: JoBlo)


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