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From out of the left field, Sony is reportedly in talks with director Jordan Vogt-Roberts to direct one of gaming's most critically praised, Metal Gear Solid. Vogt-Roberts made his directorial debut in 2013 with [The Kings Of Summer](movie:924632), an independent coming-of-age teen film.

[Metal Gear Solid](movie:593264) has been in development hell for over ten years. Mike De Luca originally served as the film's producer before announcing the project was cancelled due to budget constraints. Avi Arad resurrected the project in 2012 when he was announced as the film's producer during Metal Gear's 25th anniversary event.

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While there is no screenwriter attached to the film, Arad mentioned earlier that the script was currently being developed.

Solid Snake, a cardboard-box-lovin' grizzled soldier, is expected to be the star of the film and will be portrayed by an unknown actor. The film's story could possibly be inspired by the Shadow Moses Incident as depicted in the 1998 video game Metal Gear Solid. Arad stresses that the film will be inspired by the Cain and Abel story.

Metal Gear Solid is three or more years away.


Is the film on the right track so far?


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