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Amy Martin

Taylor Winters is a cosplayer, costumer, and prop maker from Los Angeles, California. He specializes in recreating many of the iconic movie slashers of the past, namely Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, and Michael Myers. His most recent work has seen him expanding into the DC Universe. He has been active at the horror and comic conventions for four years now.

Check out some of his amazing work below!

'Tiger Villain' from You're Next (2011)

'Bob The Goon' from Batman (1989)

'Freddy Krueger' from the Nightmare On Elm Street Franchise

'Jason Voorhees' from Friday the 13th Part 7 - The New Blood

'Michael Myers' from the Halloween Franchise

'Leatherface' from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Franchise

Group Photoshoot - Ruben 'Voorhees' as 'Jason', Ross Arbuckle as 'Leatherface' and Taylor Winters as 'Freddy'.

You can find more of Taylor's amazing work on his Facebook page!


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