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BBC AMERICA has a new paranormal show coming our way. Intruders, staring John Simm (Life On Mars, Doctor Who) and Mira Sorvino (Mighty Aprodite), is about a secret society devoted to chasing immortality by means of seeking refuge in the bodies of others.

Currently in production in Vancouver British Columbia, Intruders comes from writer and executive producer Glen Morgan (The X-Files), based on Michael Marhsall Smith's novel of the same name. Contemporary and chilling, the series will be a complex drama when strange and, apparently, unrelated events start happening. As the stories of a missing wife, an asssassin and a child on the run begin to intertwine, a conspiracy will be revelaed that will forever change our understanding of human nature.

According to the BBC website, Intuders brings us the story of, "Jack Whelan (John Simm), a former LAPD cop with a troubled and violent history, finds the quiet idyllic life he has crafted with his wife, Amy (Mira Sorvino) shattered when she goes missing. While Jack is consumed with an investigation, which threatens his very core, a sinister agent named Richard Shepherd (James Frain) is embarking on a series of lethal executions. Meanwhile, a distraught little girl named Madison (Millie Brown) runs away from home into a world of danger."

Mira Sorvino has been quoted as saying, “I feel I have been haunted, in the best possible way, by Glen Morgan’s deeply compelling script."

BBC AMERICA is continually putting out deeply compelling original dramas and I am especially excited about Intruders. Will you be watching?

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