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According to (by way of Latino-Review), Emily Blunt, star of [Looper](movie:41642) and the upcoming [Edge of Tomorrow](movie:267902), could be joining Batman v. Superman in an undisclosed role. To go along with that, Batman-On-Film reports that Batman’s longtime ally in his personal war on crime Commissioner James Gordon may make an appearance in the film as well. Neither rumor is currently backed by any official or substantial source, so take it all with bucket loads of salt as usual.

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Right now, it’s difficult to be surprised by the frenzy of casting rumors whirling around . And while one can wonder how there’s room in [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) for the film’s title characters at this point, Blunt’s casting would not be terribly surprising. The upcoming Edge of Tomorrow sees her as the female lead opposite one Tom Cruise, and the advance word on the sci-fi thriller is sensational. At this point it would be fun to speculate over who she could be playing. My vote is for Hawkgirl since [Man of Steel](movie:15593) prequel comic had a brief mention about "Thanagarians" as a race.

As far as Jim Gordon, I am hoping for a brief appearance of Bryan Cranston as Gordon. He did voice over work for the same character in Batman Year one animated movie. At this point concerns over focus on the titular characters are legitimate, although these rumors are interesting nonetheless.

So what do you think these developments could mean for the future of the [Justice League](movie:401267)?


Do you think Emily Blunt rumors are true ?


Do you think Commissioner Gordon will make an appearance in Batman V Superman


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