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[Prometheus](movie:40483) was a moderate success when it arrived in theaters, receiving mixed reviews from both fans and media alike. It has, it would seem, not been THAT bad that it didn't merit a sequel, as one has been much in the works since the movie's release 2012.

Okay folks, before I continue with this article, I think it's important to say that not all story theories will be included, but I'm gonna include three that are the most interesting right now. If there's one that you think is worth mentioning, then by all means hit us up!


1. Hell on Earth

Nimrod Antal, director of Predators, spoke to Ridley Scott about the possibility of the Hell on Earth story line which

I have actually talked to Ridley (Scott) when we met in London three weeks ago for an interview I did with him. Off the record he claimed that he was disappointed with the story of Prometheus but when the company pitched the sequel he agreed. Indeed the sequel is going to be better but it will NOT focus on the space engineers planet but on planet earth. Characters from earth will be introduced as signals from the spaceship Noomi is on will prompt Wayland sponsored military to go after it before it reaches earth. Noomis character will die in the middle, but a woman hero (military) will take her place. We will not see the engineers planet until the third installment known as Paradise. The second is known under it's working name as Prometheus: Hell on Earth.

This is an interesting idea, logically it makes sense that the ship Noomi Rapace's character is on gets shot down because it's clearly an alien vessel and Wayland would know that.

However Noomi's character, Elizabeth Shaw, did state that she wanted to keep exploring and in fact this is the characters principle motivation for most of her actions in Prometheus; so earth doesn't really seem logical. Unless perhaps it is a mistake and a crash landing onto a planet they don't know to be earth as they are in an Alien ship. Perhaps this could lead to a story where we see how the Aliens perceive earth via their operating system in their ship. Perhaps some data on the ship computer to do with colonization or war or something else alieney.

There are elements of this story that are similar to the idea for the fairly unlikely [Alien 5](movie:1468950). However, with the Alien movie the characters weren't supposed to die in the crash but have a whole story play out on earth.

It could also be interesting to see a future where Weyland has won and and earth dominated by Weyland technology.

The problem with this idea is that the first film seemed to be asking a lot of questions about the origin of our own species and it seemed that the space exploration set up at the end of Prometheus was there to set up exploring this idea even more. I think the folk that liked the first movie would definitely feel ripped off if it began like Pitch Black only landing on a futuristic Biff Tannan version of earth.


2. Alien Vs Blade Runner (David 8 As Lead)

This is one that has been thrown about for many years, it all started with the matching interfaces in the cars of Blade Runner and space ships of Alien. For a while it was thought that this was a subtle way of Ridley Scott connecting the two worlds he had created on film but as usual it is simply because of financial reasons. For one reason Douglass Trumbull, Dick Yuricich and Ivor Powell were the designers on both movies, but furthermore the budget of Blade Runner had to be cut from $5.5m to $2m and so along with a lot of scenes, the VFX had to be seriously cut down and so the three designers leased various elements of their Alien designs to the Blade Runner production, patching together bits and bobs in order to create something original. Similarly this is why a few similar interfaces show up in 2001.

One interesting bit of information came with the DVD of the recent Prometheus movie. It was a letter that Weyland (Guy Pierce) had written where he talked about an old competitor of his, a man who lived in a 'pyramid overlooking a city of angels'. I think it's fair to assume that he's talking about Blade Runner's Tyrell.

Blade Runner is set in 2019 and Prometheus 2089 so it's not so far of a stretch to assume that Tyrell and Weyland met. But where it would seem Tyrell stopped at replicants, Waylend went further and developed the David 8.

The story could be developed in such a way that David 8 plays a more important part of the Prometheus world. It is suggested by Roy Batty that he has seen a lot of space in his final speech:

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I’ve watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tanhauser Gate.

...and that some of the models of replicants are pleasure models and combat models etc. From the David 8 video he does seem like a very advanced replicant.

Perhaps the Blade Runner chases a David 8 to whatever planet he and Elizabeth are going to. 'The machine' probably wouldn't work on David and he is therefore nearly impossible to identify (Granted yea if they all look the same then that should be easy but perhaps more faces will develop also). While the Blade Runner is hunting David 8 he could get caught up in a battle with the Xenomorphs.

On the other hand Ridley Scott could be simply be having a bit of fun with the universes for conversations just like this. I suppose well never know until they make another Blade Runner or Prometheus.

I don't know if like the idea of aliens in a Blade Runner movie as I think they might not fit. Up for discussion...


3. Paradise

Paradise was in fact the original title of Prometheus. There is nothing official really on this story however there is an official website, with the title reading 'The Search Has Only Just Begun', which does imply what was set up at the end of the first move.

Elizabeth and David are off in search of 'The Engineers' and will more than likely encounter some obstacles along the way.

A movie with just these two characters could be interesting. But it wouldn't necessarily be keeping with the Alien format. Perhaps they meet some other people in an off world colony. I would imagine that the search for the engineers will bring up it's fair share of first generation Xenomorphs.

This seems like the most likely and obvious story line I think.

So what do you think? And do tell me if you think I've left something out or a story that you would like to see?


Which storyline would yout like to see most?

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