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I've got two big questions I want answering when The Walking Dead returns in October: Where the heck is Beth? and just what has happened to Carol and Tyreese? (Okay, it's three if you also count in how Rick will escape Terminus, but that's a question for a different day).

I've been pondering these two questions ever since Season 4 of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) came to a thrilling climax a couple of months ago, and have since spent the long, zombie-free days re-watching the episodes and coming up with a couple of theories about what will go down.

Wanna hear them? Ok, let's do this!

Carol and Tyreese

The last time we saw these guys, life was not really going swimmingly for them. One of the kids in their care, Mika, was brutally murdered by her sister, Lizzie. Carol decided there was no coming back for the older sibling so put a bullet in the back of her head while she checked out the flowers.

Not the happiest of endings, I'm sure you'll agree.

So where have they been since then? Well we know they were also on the way to Terminus, and were probably not far behind Rick and his group on the path to the destination (see this handy infographic map we made for proof).

My theory is Carol and Tyreese actually met up with Rick, Daryl and the rest of the group on the outskirts of Terminus. Realizing that sending a whole team into an unknown location was too risky, Carol, Tyreese and baby Judith decided to hang back and act as backup - which would also explain why Rick buried a bag of weapons; plus this camera shot from the finale:

Carol and Tyreese watching on?
Carol and Tyreese watching on?

I think the Season 5 premiere will see Tyreese stealthily enter Terminus at night, take out a couple of guards and get the weapons to Rick and the rest.

Then it's time for a Terminus Turkey Shoot.


Will Carol and Tyreese save the captives?

Beth Greene

Ah poor Beth. Having survived three seasons of The Walking Dead despite giving off the impression she was a red shirt in waiting, Beth was snatched away just when she was starting to get interesting. But who took her and what do they want?

My first thought was she'd been nabbed by the Termites and placed on the grill for a Sunday barbecue, but I no longer think this is the case.

Instead, I think Beth was snatched by the show's newest recruit, Father Gabriel Stokes.

Who's he? I hear some of you ask? Well check out this video we made which tells you everything you need to know:

My theory is Father Gabriel whisked her away from the funeral parlor thinking she was in danger of becoming walker supper and the two of them are holed-up somewhere nearby.

And it would seem this theory might hold some water. We've already seen the first set photos of Father Gabriel - played by The Wire alum Seth Gilliam - plus there have been reports of Beth being sighted at a house that has a distinctly religious feel.

The question is: what does Gabriel have planned for the blond songstress, and what will Daryl do when he finds out where she is.

I can't wait to find out.


Where is Beth?


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