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Matt Carter

If, like me, you've been struggling to fill the The Walking Dead-shaped void in you life following the season finale a couple of months ago, I have great news: the trailer for Season 5 will be here in a month.

According to Walking Dead News, AMC plans to air the first trailer during the San Diego Comic-Con which runs between July 23-27th:

It's worth noting that Walking_News is not an official [The Walking Dead](series:201193) site, but considering the trailer for Season 4 was released during last year's Comic-Con, I think they're right on the money about this.

If AMC are indeed following the same schedule as last year, then we can also expect to see a Season 5 behind-the-scenes documentary in June, as the Season 4 doc was released in the same month last year.

Add in all the awesome on-set images we've been seeing recently, and it looks like it won't be such a long and zombie-free summer after all.


What do you want to see in the trailer?


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