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When it comes to adapting video games, there are a few monolithic works that just have to be done correctly - otherwise the film studio might find their offices besieged by angry, torch and Duel-Shock-wielding gamer mobs.

Metal Gear is one of the these works. The Japanese game series, which arrived in the Western gaming mainstream in 1998, has garnered a massive fan-base since its genre redefining Metal Gear Solid. Although, arguably the franchise peaked in popularity several games ago, the original Metal Gear Solid is still remembered fondly by basically every gamer I know. It is for this reason, that the long-discussed film adaptation is eyed with such scrutiny.

Today, Deadline has reported the news that the relatively unknown director, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, is in the talks to direct the feature film version of [Metal Gear Solid](movie:593264). Vogt-Roberts arrived on the scene in 2009, but currently he only has one major film to his name, the 2013 coming-of-age comedy-drama, The Kings of Summer. The possible selection of Vogt-Roberts is certainly surprising, and it seems to follow in the footsteps of other studios selecting left-field choices for their major franchise blockbusters - such as Colin Trevorrow helming [Jurassic World](movie:32752).

However, the director is only one cog in the Metal Gear machine, Sony also has the controversial task of casting these iconic video game roles. Therefore, we'd thought we'd help them out a bit with Moviepilot's own Metal Gear Solid casting.

Solid Snake - Karl Urban

Of course, the most important, and contentious role of the film will be that of Solid Snake. Although originally based on a hybrid between Claude Van Damme, Christopher Walken and Kurt Russell, I fear all of these guys are now too old to play the part. To play Solid Snake you need to be tough, but svelte and also sound like you've smoked 20 a day since you were about four. I wasn't sure at first, but I have since been persuaded that Karl Urban can pull this off. First, he's got the gristled, gritty look of Snake, while Dredd has proven he can deliver the voice and the moves.

Colonel Campbell - Harvey Keitel

Colonel Campbell is another central role in the Metal Gear ethos. For the majority of the series, we only know him as a voice of command and support, so any actor who plays him need to be able to deliver a performance, perhaps without being seen. Campell's appearance was originally based on Rambo actor Richard Crenna's likeness, however as soon as Harvey Keitel popped into by brain, I couldn't shake it.

Revolver Ocelot - Josh Brolin

Revolver Ocelot is a throwback to a by-gone era - a fan of the Wild West, any actor who plays him also has to bring a rustic style and badass, no-nonsense attitude. Ocelot was originally based on Western star, Lee Van Cleef, and I can think of no-one better to play the six-shooter toting anti-hero than Josh Brolin. He has the gravelly persona to carry off a dusty trench-coat, but also the likability to portray a ambiguously villainous character.

Otacon - Jesse Eisenberg

Now playing Otacon probably isn't going to help Jesse Eisenberg shake his type-casting as a skinny geeky guy, but it might just deliver a spot-on Otacon. Like Colonel, Snake's anime obsessed chief engineer might be required to deliver a mostly verbal performance, and Eisenberg certainly has one of the most interesting cadences in Hollywood. Furthermore, the interactions between Snake and Otacon deliver some the games' more lighthearted moments, so a background in comedy certainly helps.

Liquid Snake - Tom Hiddleston

I know. Tom Hiddleston basically appears on every casting wishlist for every role going, however, I have to say he could be perfect for Liquid Snake. Snake's snarky twin brother bears many striking similarities to Hiddleston's most widely recognized role, Loki. Both are anti-heroes, both go about their deeds with a cutting sense of humor and both have long locks. Get Hiddleston in a gym, dye his hair blonde, stick him in a trench coat and we could be onto a winner.

Meryl Silverburgh - Emma Stone

Another alumni of Zombieland, Emma Stone might just be able to deliver the feisty attitude of Meryl Silverburgh, while her role in the aforementioned movie also showed he knows her away around a gun or two. However, Meryl is far from a stone-hearted soldier, indeed any actress playing her would also have to show some genuine affection for Snake. Plus, just look at their hair!

So these are just a few ideas about who could play the main roles, but feel free to add your own suggestions, and debate ours, below.


Who do you want to play Solid Snake?

Source: Deadline


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